December 24, 2009

G-Shock Watches its Really Tough After All

The first tough watch is going to talk about is Casio G-Shock. As you might know, G-Shock watches are rugged enough to hold up the abuse that you deal out when enjoying an outdoor activity. Basically, the whole ranges of G Shock watch models are shock resistant with ready-made of extra dense materials that can resist heavy knocks, mud, water and sweat and still looks neat.

Sure, the shock resistance of Casio G Shock watches is one of the primary selling points, but each G-Shock model contains many other features and functions, which help to make them great watches for outdoors men and adventurers. Nevertheless, at one particular watch forum, one of G-shock collector trying to do Self-Test to prove that the watch is really tough and strong. The watch that used in this test is G-Shock DW-9052 and luckily, I do have this watch.

Anyway, here’s a test:

The first test is cooled in the freezer (ice) for 48 hours at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius.

Result: Slightly contras on the LCD display, but the time are still readable.

After removed from the block of ice for 2 days, then it boiled in boiling water of 100°C for about 10 minutes.

Result: Increasing the contrast of LCD but the time is still readable.

After boiled for 10 minutes, an hour cryogenic test was conducted with the temperature of -65 °C.

Result: Increasing the contrast of LCD display and the time is impossible to read due condensation but after couple of minutes the watch is still readable and back to normal.

The next test is to test hours in the holding high pressure. G-Shock watch placed in an pressure chamber that has a pressure of 20 bar for one hour, then back to atmospheric pressure in 10 seconds. And later on the watch inserted in a vacuum device for 24 hours.

Results: This test does not any effect on the watch, no deviation from the reference time signal.

To test the G-Shock watch in different positions and pressure, the watch put into the washing machine along with some jeans. Then the washing machine is running in heavy rotation.

The result shows the G-Shock watch is fully functional, no deviations from the reference time signal

In this test, the watch is place in a compartment that can be adjust to the extreme temperature cycles of -40 ° C / +70 ° C. The test cycle is repeated 5 times.

The result shows the G-Shock watch is fully functional and easy to read, no deviations from the reference time signal.

Basically, this test is to see a water resistance effect. G-Shock watch used for diving at 15 meters depths. All function of the watch are used during the test, the alarm function is also used.

Results: The watch is fully functional and the alarm quite audible under water and the backlight still normal.

Final Test
And after several passes the test, the test finally ended with a endurance and durability test in heavy load. In this test, G-Shock watch run over by a 2,4 tons 4x4 Range Rover in a hard base concrete.

The result shows after having runs over by heavy vehicle, G-Shock DW-9052 still in perfect condition and work perfectly, no scratches or marks. Amazing isn’t it.

G Shock watches are designed to deliver great performance with a good looks and a great value for your money. You could wear your G Shock watch while sailing, biking, camping, hiking, and swimming or any other outdoor activities, this tough watch will go anywhere you go.

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