February 8, 2014

Make Your Watches Look Concealment With G-Shock Camouflage Series

Over time, camouflage is becoming a welcome fixture within the style of fashion- the appearance continues showing up in collections by primary designers, boutique labels and rad streetwear brands.  Right now, one of the toughest watches - G-Shock feature the sophisticated full-blown camo all-over print! Very Durability - Total Camouflage.


Two impressive brand new watches have introduced as part of the G-Shock Spring 2014 collections ; The GD-X6900CM. The quite new large-scale edition of its flagship 6900 model will release this February 2014 in two camouflage all-over print versions. Each of those offering dials with reverse LCD features and all the G-Shock functions.
G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8

G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5

The GD-X6900 comes in a tan (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5)  and a grey (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8) camo version, with the dial being integrated into the design. Like always, The GDX6900CM model offers 10-year battery life as well as great construction that isolates internal components from vibration and shock.


People today looking for a even more modern design . And here we come The GD120 Camo Series. All models of this model also sport a contrasting woodland camouflage pattern for a fresh, amazing appearance for a special style that becomes the minimalist style and design, down into an eye catching looking watch.




The GD120 Camo series comes in Red (GD120CM-4), Green (GD120CM-5) and grey (GD120CM-8)

Look out for a release The GD120 Series Camo series in April 2014 . See here if available.

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