January 7, 2014

New Casio STB-1000 Released with Bluetooth Connectivity

Casio America, Inc. released Casio STB-1000, an impressive new sports watch that leverages Bluetooth® v4.0 with low energy wireless technology to allow users to look at personal fitness information from popular mobile apps, operate a music player on a smartphone. Casio announced its first G-SHOCK watch that uses Bluetooth® v4.0 with low energy wireless technology to communicate with smartphones. Casio STB-1000 compatible with four iPhone*2 fitness apps: Abvio®’s Runmeter, Walkmeter, and Cyclemeter (www.abvio.com), as well as 4Wahoo Fitness® (www.wahoofitness.com), all of which are available for download from the Apple App Store.

These mean you can actually see speed, distance, time, pulse, cycle speed as well as pedal rotations with a mesure sensor. If you think this is limiting because of the small number of apps, bear in mind that this watch will last up to two years on a single battery , something no other sports watch offers.

Casio STB-1000-4

The STB-1000 will also control your music, allowing you to play or stop songs, change volume and tracks using the watch buttons. You can also be informed in order to calls and email even while running. You can even use the watch to locate your own phone if it's missing.

Casio STB-1000-1

Looks like Casio will expand the number of compatible fitness apps soon. Pricing and release date have not yet been announced. For more information on Casio’s new STB-1000, visit http://spg.casio.com/us/en/.

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