December 29, 2013

Unique Features Of Luminox Recon Point Man Series

The Recon Series is the most recently released series, available from Luminox Watch and the earliest tactical watch you can find is the ‘Point Man’. This series is incredibly different with most of the many other Luminox watches you can get. Even though the overall design and build are generally similar to the Colormark Series, the features and illumination technology are still completely unique.

luminox recon point 8823
Luminox Recon Point A8823

You see the ‘Point Man’ is a watch intended for the Military solider and out door voyageur. And it’s constructed with capabilities that are really valuable for those person. The first and most significant unique feature is the Walking Tachometer. This feature is pretty much never found on any watch and enables you to calculate precisely what speed you are walking or running.
Luminox Recon  Point Series A8822 

This is useful for serious field conditions where you have to figure out how far something is, how significantly you have walked and how much time it will require to get where you are going. Merged with this feature is the sun-compass capability and bezel for timing.

The watch even has a count-down detail of the dial that works extremely well to time maneuvers. Very awesome stuff. In addition you also get yourself a nice looking watch the moment the sun goes down. Have a look at the night illumination Luminox Recon A8823 (pictured below).

Very eye-catching blue and yellow tritium light the way and still provide the watch to be applied for timing maneuvers at night. Not forgetting that is also appealing to the casual observer.
More detail for all collection Luminox Recon Series, have a peek here.

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