December 27, 2009

SUUNTO Watch - Tactical Watches For Both Man and Women

Tough Suunto Core Wrist
Suunto is one of best known for its digital quartz watches that provide their users with the maximum amount of data available in a watch. Referred to as “wrist-top computers,” these digital quartz watches offer outdoor enthusiasts all the necessary functionality to ensure they are never caught off-guard in the field. Recently, Suunto introduced a new series of Outdoor sports instruments: Suunto Core and Suunto Lumi.

The Suunto Core comes in a variety of colors and configurations, yet all include the functionality found in many of the Suunto watches and offers the advanced fiunction like, altimeter, barometer and compass functions. The advanced features include an altimeter (accurate up to just under 10,000 meters), a barometer, a self-calibrating compass, a depth-measurement function, and a sunrise/sunset calculator.

Suunto Lumi in other hand, is the first female outdoor watches instrument specifically made for women and also designed by women. There aren't a lot of women's outdoor watches on the market these day. The problem is that plenty of women are obviously into hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, etc. and have just as much of a need for helpful instruments as men.
The answer, therefore, is not to ignore women, but to design something both functional and feminine. The answer is something like the Suunto Lumi.

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