January 9, 2010

The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces - A Reference Guide For Military Horologist

The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990
Yesterday, when I was in my friend house, I saw an interested book in his desk. He had a book called The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces: 1880-1990. It's a good reference book, especially for military horologist. Well, although I didn't read it completely, but I think this book provides a great overview of military watch.

The author, Z.M.Wesolowski. He is an experienced watch collector and give a detail description of more that 150 distinct models issue over the past century to the armed force of many countries like US, Britain, Canadian, Japanese etc. The book includes detail of many leading manufactures like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Bulova ..etc and covers various deck watches, pocket, wrist and clocks.

Crammed with a lot information, this edition has the following Chapter contents:
  • Introduction
  • Guide to Military Timepiece markings
  • Using the Price Guide
  • Deck watches & Pocket watches
  • Wristlets & Wristwatches
  • Observation & Aviator Wristwatches
  • Chronographs, Interval timers and Stop watches
  • Special Forces and Divers' Wristwatches
  • Mantelpiece, Wall and Aircraft Clocks
  • Glossary
Having said that, I think this book will be an invaluable reference for horologist and definitely recommended to all fellow military timepiece collectors!.

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