December 10, 2013

How Can You Tell or Found Out if a Watch is Fake

fake watch replicas
There is a friend of mine, looking to buy a cool tactical watch and decided to searching in internet instead going to local watch-store and spend his $1000. After searching hours and hours, he’s finally found his perfect watch in internet and finally buy watches online in a website which offer him “the best deal ever on entire planet” on an original watch that usually gets sold for a lot a money. But then, later on you realize that it’s only a goddamn Fake Watch!

Well, don’t be surprise, according to Ariel Adams (founder wrote an article in Forbes "The Truth about Replica Watches" that 15-30% internet searchers involve people searching for replica, fake or counterfeit watches. Watches seem to be one of the most mass produced fake items around, and for good reason, people want watches, not to mention watches are expensive.

Yeaah, a lot of watches are over-priced. This is common in the luxury industry. You can’t afford a luxury watch like Rolex? Big deal. Live with it!. Never the less, good watches have high quality.

Personally, I've never even come close to to buy fake watch . My friend told me that “fakes are good enough.” However, I think “good enough” is a relative term. If you prefer good enough why are you buying a fake? Why not something good enough with better quality rather than most fakes at a price you can afford?

replica g-shock
Real or Fake?
With that in mind, recently I read an e-book call Watch Trading Guide, a guide which focusing online trading of watches. Is actually tell you what to look for and avoid buying a counterfeit or fake watch. Joost Smeets, the author, who is a wristwatches enthusiast for more than 10 years. He will tell you at least 10-15 websites where you can safely buy watches online. So, this reduces your risk of being conned, scammed or end up buying some cheap fake replica watch. In my opinion, Joost helping to educate people about fake watches.

In case you interest is military watches or the tactical watches around, you will discover the 8 military watch trading websites and watch auctions sites. You will be amazed how much interesting information these sites offer.

He also covers so many topics such as :
  • How to spot a Replica, Counterfeit or Fake watch 
  • Websites to buy watches
    • Vintage
    • Military
    • Any type of Watch 
  • Watch auction sites. 
  • Watch accessories related websites 
  •  Watch Forums 
  •  Watchmakers 
  •  Watch enthusiast’ sites / Blogs 
  •  Watchmakers 
  •  And so on. 
He ends the book with several pages of valuable information. Actually, there were so many questions that I wanted to have answers, and he covered them all. Definitely one of the best reads I've had in a long time about buying a watch. Highly recommend it. From the numbers I was told, many watch buyers have been helped through this book. After you read it, you will understand why. See Here for more detail!

Watches Buying Guide

Having said that, counterfeit and fake watch has been around for decades and is not a new trend therefore you have to be extremely aware when purchasing watches outside of reliable dealers or authorized direct store . This way, your money need not be wasted or scammed.

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