October 19, 2013

What Kind a Tough Watch(es) Would You Buy if You Were Given $1000 to Spend?

Just imagine that you were walking by a watch store and then all of a sudden running out from the front doors the owner of the store. He approach you and says  “Man.‘It’s your lucky day, I am about to give you anything in my store up to the value of $1000′!” . You've got a 30 min or so to choose what you want, it has to be just about any watch that you could find in any regular watch store and you can get as much as you like as long as they total $1000 or even less. ).
Exactly what kind of watch should I go with? How the heck I actually spend it? One gigantic, splashy purchase or several cheaper ones? . Well, for $1000 here's what I’m gone chose...
G-Shock GWA1100-1A3 Gravity Defier Aviator 
Yep, the very first G-Shock watch coming to my mind.  I am a fan of both analog as well as analog-digital G-Shock watches. This big, bold, GREEN and analog watch is one of G-Shock Gravity Defier Aviator from the G-Shock Aviation series is the first choice for me. The watch comes with the "Triple G Resist" reinforced design protecting the workings of the watch against shocks, centrifugal forces and vibrations.
Simply by looking at the pictures you can tell that this is a watch designed to be sturdy and at some point be able to stay on operational while putting up with numerous abuse.  I must say that with the price around $ 600,  G-Shock GW-A1100-1A3 is actually top of the line in every single aspect and just really cool to look at and even you’ll know immediately if you want it..Well.. I do.
Luminox 3081 BO Colormark Chrono
As I mention earlier, I'm really like this awesome tough watch. Luminox have always been widely used for being highly legible, durable, and light weight. I believe The Luminox 3081 BO Colormark Chrono watch is one of the most tough watch and is a relatively inexpensive watch made from relatively cheap materials, nonetheless it’s quite sturdy and tough watch (don’t mix up inexpensive with cheap). The watch coming with extremely solid carbon reinforced PC , the crown is guarded with Double Security Gasket, and the hardened mineral really should stand up to anything but a hard direct impact.
Luminox is not a watch that requires my help convincing people to pay for . And I can tell why. For the price tag approximately $400, you can get a solid, reliable, and sharp-looking watch.
Furthermore, if I experience that kind a situation it would seem like a exciting moments for an ongoing addiction as I started collecting a number of affordable tough watches. It's easy to say "buy 1" or "buy 2" watches, but for people starting up their collections, the actual temptation is actually strong to get a couple of items. Some people prefer few and fine, or maybe many as well as cheap. For that reason, part of me believes I would personally fill out my collection a little bit (G-Shock, Luminox, Protrek, Timex, etc) However, I’m usually buy things i can afford and also choose for the things i love to wear.
So it’s your turn now. How would you spend it on a watch in case you where given $1000? For starter, let use the price ranges at Amazon’s watch store as a guide . They have most things, but don’t get too caught up within the details. I'm curious, exactly what kinda tough and sturdy watches you’re currently eyeing off!

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