October 12, 2013

Selecting Tough and Sturdy Watches For Your Children

color gw6900
When making an option or perhaps choose a specific thing, a children frequently have a thoughts of their own. Having their very first watch for example.  The design and types from the watches are different based on the ages and ganders from the children.  The younger one usually have cartoon dials while older children have additional dynamic choices such as the voice-recorder for instance. While the boys prefer to have on the watches having the Micky Mouse, Ben Ten, Lego watch as well as other action characters featured, the girls however like the watches with ladybugs, flowers accessories, or watches with soft  color and so on.  But you may be wondering what in case your kids begin to actively playing outdoor? and often end up destroying their own watches?

I have a 7 year old son who really like wear watch, either analog or even digital. When he turn  5, I bought him very cute (that what he said) Ben Ten analog watch, and he was very proud when finally he learned how to tell the time with a real watch. But he’s really rough on watches, ever since then, he just broke his 3rd or maybe 4th watch, he’s gone through some of "cheap" Casio children watches, and a couple of other brands as well. He really likes the water therefore he soaked one to death, however it's all a matter of the watches not really standing up to the treatment my son appears to hand out.
justing bieber g-shockFor that reason, I’m thinking its the perfect time to give my son a tough watch that might take some abuse but still work. When I’m finally buy one of G-Shock Military Inspired series, G-shock DW6900MS, I’m also bought the DW5600MS-1 for him and he like it so much. I tough my son wants modern things with cool and aggressive looking watch, but simply NOO.. he really love the black color. To be honest, its quite dark for him. But if you aren't visually challenged you can see the numbers properly. If the ambient lighting is insufficient there's a built in solution. Hit the EL button and that's it. He’s not really a big kid by any mean, however didn't ridiculous on him even with his skinny arm. It’s suit really well and he still wears it every single day.  One more thing, why he love the watch? Simply because Justin Bieber has the exact same G-Shock types... oohh well.. kids.
For a 5-6 year old I would personally suggest an analog-only watch, quite often they cannot tell time yet but I do think it's far better for kids to start telling time. Not good to get used to the digital types with this early age. I actually don't even think there is something bad about digital watches, but given that so much is still done with analog, they should learn to read it . Analog watches tend to be slowly getting outdated in the mainstream (yeah...a lots of the expensive watches are still analog). But then again, it’s up to you to decide.
Kids are tough on watches and that's a fact. If you're looking for tough watches for active and energetic children, G-Shock watches is one of  the good option to choose.

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