November 14, 2013

New Bold Tough G-Shock GA-100C Neon Series Watches

Once again G-Shock bringing you out brand new color selection designs for the 35mm diameter face, BIG ass case NEW GA-100C Series which designed for even bigger look from the G-Shock energy. Dial rings and raised hour markers offer three-dimensional depth that provides the face lots of identity. These types of types come with fluorescent hour and also minute hands that provide you well-defined color decorations. 

GA100C Neon Series

Three of the four GA100C watch models are available in black with accents of neon green (GA100C-1A3) neon pink (GA100C-4A) and neon blue (GA100C-8A). Also on offer is a striking tone-on-tone (GA100C-4A) version with cute pink accents. 
The impressive features of the GA100C Neon models include structured side buttons which have an anti-slip finish and dual-ladder straps for a secure fit.

GA100C Neon Series
Even though G-Shock’s are known for its durability and ruggedness, I was quite impressed how far it has evolved since I had one on tough G-Shock tactical series. The design has gone far beyond just being tough, but it has also become a leader in watch fashion while at the same time not sacrificing any of its standards to be labeled a toughest watches.

So for any of those who are interested yet skeptical about buying the New GA100C neon series, I'm highly recommended for people who have a demanding lifestyle and want something that wont break in two days. Very rugged, stays firmly set to the wrist, and is not too heavy. Style that is affordable.
The Crazy Color GA100C Watch Series in Neon retail for around $99. You can see the detail here. or you can see below for other series.

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