February 27, 2017

The Best Tactical Watch with Tritium Technology

Soldiers, law enforcement officers, and security personnel all invest on the best high-end apparel and equipment that could help them perform better at what the job requires of them. Getting the right timepiece for these people not only means an idea what time it is. The best tactical watch should also have what it takes to withstand the environment, not to mention to provide all the necessary tools that the job would require.

There are different brands today that would claim that they have what it takes to be the best tactical watches. A lot of these watches utilize tritium technology. So what is tritium technology that it is best utilized for different tactical watches?

Tritium Technology and Other Technologies

Tritium illumination is the use of a gaseous radioactive isotope that creates visible light through decay of electrons. This technology has been found useful by so many watch manufacturers because of the efficiency in energy that it provides. It doesn’t consume on the batter plus; it has some practical emergency applications.

Tritium watches have been around for quite some time. In fact, the modern tactical watches today are using tritium technology because of the different military situations that require usage in low light environments. Given the illumination that tritium technology could give, it enables the end user to have an idea of what the time is, not to mention see the other functions of the watch.

There are different brands that have dominated the tritium watch market.

5.11 Tactical Watch

5.11 Tactical Watch
Over the years, the 5.11 tactical watch products have catered not the only tritium, as means of illumination but also functional additions such as an altimeter, barometer and other tools that can help in determining the weather. Also, these timepieces can be taken not only in dry environments but also in the water. Some watches could go deep underwater by as much as 99 feet.

Besides helping the user have an idea on what to expect in the environment, some of the best military watches in the market today are also aiding the users in increasing their accuracy in shooting. This provides a great help, especially during real combat situations.

Traser Type 3 Tritium

Traser 3 Titanium

Made in 2011, the Traser Type 3 Tritium tactical watch is one of the best out there in the market today. Upon first glance, this could potentially be the best tactical watch that utilizes tritium light technology. Made of durable materials, it can withstand tough weather conditions and designed for individuals with demanding occupations such as the police, the military, and the security personnel. The material is made of stainless steel and could easily withstand a 30-meter depth.

Despite its classification as a military watch, this timepiece can also be adaptable to the normal conditions. It can also be used for your casual wear. With classy and slick design, its unassuming appearance will make it appear just like any other classy watch. What makes this watch extra special is that it has a number of functions that any military personnel would love to have.

Smith and Wesson SWW 12T R Soldier Tritium

Smith and Wesson is one of the best companies that have spent years of research to create the best military watch in the market today. They have invested a large amount of time testing the durability and the ability of the watches to meet and surpass expectations by those who are operating in the field.

Smith & Wesson has developed a name when it comes to their technology in the military and tactical equipment. As for the SWW 12-T R Soldier Tritium Tactical watch, it has a scratch resilient feature that can also be used up to 330 feet underwater. With its tritium technology, it provides the watch with proper illumination without relying on the batteries. Also, the tritium illumination technology used on the watch can last up to 20 years according to the manufacturer.

Smith and Wesson Men’s SWW 357 BSS Commander Tritium H3

The SWW 357 watch is an even better underwater timepiece. In fact, it can be taken up to the depths of as much as 660 feet. With its tritium light source that can provide two decades worth of illumination and a one year warranty to top it all off, this is a great purchase for anyone looking for a durable and tested military watch.

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