December 20, 2009

Choosing Tough and Tactical Watches

Generally, watches can serve a variety of purpose, apart from telling us what time is it, a few watches can also serve a complicated and sophisticated advanced features like chronometer, shock resistance, atomic and solar capability, advanced stop watch, awesome backlight, or it can provide information such as exhibition of the lunar phase, and it endure in any condition. Most likely, it is a type of watch made for the outdoors. Having that said, tactical watches basically have those features.

Depending on the brand, these kinds of watches usually can be expensive. The price could go for as much as hundreds dollars, even thousand of dollars or more. Well, it makes sense, because some tactical watches have more delicate features than any ordinary watch.

Luminox Men's EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch #3051There's a broad range of different tactical watches available, one of the popular is military tactical watches and Titanium tactical watch. These watches have features that basic tactical watches don't. For example, some of basic military tactical watch features include self-winding, chronograph, digital camera or even satellite trackin.

Luminox is one of the well known brands for a military tactical watch, especially for US Navy SEAL team. They have amazing illumination technology that specially customized for SEAL’s and become a standard dive watch for military night mission. The technology of this watch - now on the public market - ensures one can see all the information you need at a glance, at any hour of the day, even in complete darkness.

The Toughest Watches

Casio Men's G-Force Military Concept Black Digital Watch #DW6900MS-1CRMost watches are sturdy and tough enough to protect against normal shock, including light bumps. If you’re going to be engaging in intensive and a rugged outdoor activity, you may want a watch that is also shock resistance. For example, G-Shock by Casio is a well known extensive line of shockproof watches and its resistance to extreme shock.

G-Shock watches are tough enough to stand up the abuse that you deal out when you're enjoying an outdoor life. They have been tested by extreme test in actual usage condition like drop test, vibration test, hammer test, and water resistance test. So, most G-Shock watches are shock resistant and made of special materials that can withstand knocks, mud, water and sweat and still look great.

With all the various functions, materials, durability and power options available on today’s watches, the individual must ask themselves what it is they really want from a good and tough tactical watch. However, in the end, it comes down to a matter of personal preference and taste in regard to what each watch can bring to their needs.

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