January 5, 2010

A Tough Tactical Watch is Everybody's Duty Gear

Commonly, a tactical watch designed for use of those operating in high altitudes will have a barometer, thermometer, altimeter, and compass built into it, besides having routine features like digital camera, chronograph facility, backlight, satellite tracking facility etc. Divers have models to suit their special requirements. Most of us understand a watch as something that tells us the time, or at the most the time and the date. Of course, there are even daily use watches that can do more than that, but the things that a tactical watch can do, could be pretty amazing. With the type of help and support it provides, such a watch complements the duty gear in its own unique way.

A tactical watch for use in high altitude areas will have the function of a barometer, thermometer, compass, and altimeter. With the barometer part of it, it will be able to give weather forecast, and also show sea level pressure as well as absolute pressure. The measurements will be shown both in millibars, and in inHg, or inches of mercury. The thermometer part of a high altitude tactical watch will be a digital thermometer that shows temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and the compass part will show directions for all sides.

As the altimeter, a tactical watch will do a variety of jobs like displaying altitude trend, showing altitude temperature, showing the rate of ascending or descending as the case may be, and will also have an altitude alarm. Altitude will be displayed both in feet and meters. A high altitude watch is an imperative item in the duty gear of trekkers, mountaineers, as well as every army and police personnel operating in high altitudes.

A navigator's tactical watch that is part of the duty gear of sailors will do all the jobs that a high altitude watch does, plus it will be water resistant to a high degree. Many navigator watch models are designed to work perfectly inside water, several meters below sea level. They obviously become appropriate gear for scuba divers, and others engaged in underwater operations.

A tactical watch with more than one time zone is available for travelers. And most watch models, whether meant for trekking or diving or daily use, will have the digital chronograph facility, to do the timekeeping job as well as the stopwatch job. Some models will have separate displays for both the facilities, while other watch models may be designed to switch modes for using either. This is a facility that makes it a part of the duty gear of even ordinary office goers.

Other facilities that a tactical watch model may have are digital camera, countdown timer, alarm, hourly chime facility, backlight, or satellite tracking facility. Also, every model in the market is fully scratch resistant. And many a tactical watch comes with different straps. Some models offer a strap kit with different strap choices, taking care even of the cosmetic aspect of this wonderful duty gear.

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